december 2013
Fashion Film Workshop With SHOWstudio
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We joined our efforts with the British Council and the Moscow Film School to organize a five-day workshop with participation of SHOWstudio – a London-based team of creators known as the founders of the genre and the world's topmost authorities in the field of fashion video. The workshop participants included both promising young designers and stars of the Russian fashion industry, such as Walk of Shame, Tigran Avetisyan, LES' by Lesya Paramonova, Asia Barayeva, TURBO YULIA, Arsenicum by Dmitry Loginov, Nina Donis, Viva Vox etc. Other project participants also included producers, directors, photographers, stylists and graphic designers who had already established themselves in the fashion video genre in Russia. In the course of the workshop, they were required to produce fashion videos curated by some of the coolest British experts, including Marie Schuller, Nick Night's number two at SHOWstudio , Kathryn Ferguson, a lecturer at the CSM and LCF, as well as the young directors Alex Turvey and Grace Ladoja. The videos produced by the workshop participants were demonstrated at the "Dressing the Screen" exhibition during the London Fashion Week in October 2014.

Produced by British Counsil
Producers- Julia Gordina, Marie Pudan
Backstage by Enty Studio

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