march 2016
Protey Temen:
"Once The Ant Climbed Into Astronaut's Ear"

art direction | production | video art
We used classical art forms, such as paintings, graphics and video, and distributed them across the attic of the Moscow Institute of Architecture as we tried to tell the story of a layperson in the world of unattainable ideals of modernity. During the exhibition, we also completed several special projects with participation of Protey Temen, Danila Trobun, Dima Yaponets, and Sabina Chagina etc.

Artist - Protey Temen
Curator - Kirill Proebrazhenskiy
General producer - Marina Glukhova (Laboratory ABC)
Producers - Marie Pudan, Alex O'Simon
Video Art - Protey Temen
Video interview - Alex Fedorov
Location - Moscow Architectural Institute

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