april 2018
Ikea: Omedelbar
conception | art direction | production | video art
Everyone who has been to an IKEA store at least once in his or her life has dreamt of staying inside the store outside the regular business hours in order to throw a party and have a jolly good time. The OMEDELBAR collection has enabled us to make this dream a reality. Working in partnership with Shaco adv, we designed a space that will be used to launch the collection in Russia, at the "Tsvetnoy" department store. We were inspired by the videos created by Bea Okerlund, the muse behind the collection and the stylist who worked with such celebrated pop divas as Madonna, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, etc. Into the decorations, we integrated plasma panels showing video art stylized to look like paintings and invited Moscow's most extravagant band, WET RED, to give a live performance at the launch event.
We filled the space with items from the Omedelbar collection and asked the party guests to follow a dress code in Bea's style: RED/BLACK/WHITE/GOLD/LEOPARD/STRIPES. It was magical!

General producers - SHACO adv
Creative Producer - Marie Pudan
Video artist - Mic Sachkov
Costume design - Vladimir Bordok
Eat and drinks - DOEAT
DJ - Maxim Nazarov
Live - WET RED

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