june 2015
Fashion Film Days
event | exhibition | lectures | film screening
We joined efforts with the British Council and the "Tsvetnoy" department store and held a fashion video festival, Fashion Film Days, as part of the "UK-Russia Year of Culture" project. We also organized the very first "History of Fashion Film" exhibition featuring clothing demonstration videos produced since 1910. The festival participants included the curator of the Fashion Video Department of the London –°ollege of Fashion, Nilgin Yusuf, the Berlin-based film director Martin Monk, the Director of the Moscow Film School, Ekaterina Cherkes-Zade, the Director and Co-founder of "Firma Film", Igor Shmelyov, members of the Conde Nast Digital team, Maria Popova, Natalia Turovnikova, Alexander Rasputin, etc.

Produced by British Council
Creative producer - Marie Pudan
Executive producer - Juliya Gordina

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