november 2015
Farfetch In Russia
concept | production | motion graphic
In order to launch Farfetch in Russia, we resorted to the soviet graphic art and decided to demonstrate its heritage primarily using prints by Varvara Stepanova and Lyubov Popova, sharp photographic angles by Rodchenko, soviet retro-futurism and the style of the soviet theatrical playbills. We used CGI techniques in order to "animate" the images of that time and transplant them into contemporary reality.
Creative producer - Marie Pudan
Directed by Marie Pudan
Producer - Alex O'Simon
DOP - Mikhail Senin
Motion graphic - Ilya Perevedentsev, Vadim Mirgorodsky
Stylist - Lilit Rashoyan
Music by Andrey Oid
Models - Nik Menegement
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