october 2014
ALLURE: Best Of Beauty
concept | production | video art | installations
In 2014, the organizers of the annual Allure Best of Beauty Awards competition selected video installations as the key decoration theme for the Gary Tatintsian Gallery where the event took place. The products included in the competition's nominations were presented to the audience by our remarkable guests, such as Pamela Reed and Matthew Rader of the United States, the Australian video artist Lucy McRae, the stylist and director Kirill Vychkin, Anton Nenashev's team of CG artists, 2A Picturies etc.

Pamela Reed and Matthew Rader (USA)

Lucy McRay (Aus)

2A Picturies

Kirill Vychkin
Anton Neneshev Studio

Igor Shmelev

General producers - RSVP agancy
Creative producers - Marie Pudan, Alexander Guryashkin
Location: Gary Tatinsyan Gallery

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